Anonymous said : ~(•-•)~ random question: bay or chestnut? Palomino or grey? Skewbald or piebald? Pinto or appaloosa? Blue or red roan? Dapple grey or fleabitten? Cremello or albino? 

Thanks for asking random questions :) 

bay, errr…I’m gonna say palomino, skewbald, pinto, uh…red roan, dapple gray, and cremello. :)

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1.) What is your favor color coat?

Paints are really pretty :)  But I really like horses with contrasting mane/body color

2.) Favorite breed?

I’m not really sure… but I really liked paints for a good while.

3.) Favorite discipline?

don’t really have one.

4.) Who do you ride with the most? (If you ride with friends, etc.)

I ride by myself most of the time (with a trainer)  But these two weeks i’ve been doing camp so i’ve been able to ride with friends (it’s a lot more fun then riding by myself!)

5.) Have you ever ridden an OTTB?

Yup!  I’ve ridden a few.  Jetta, Cece, Warren (my lease for a year), and I rode (hand galloped lol) Mo for a few minutes

6.) How often do you get to ride?

These past two weeks every friggen day and it’s awesome but for the most part only every other week,

7.) Favorite snack food?

ruffles are awesome chips but they’re really expensive so I always end up getting lays for chips but I really will eat anything that’s unhealthy and yummy :)  Okay not always unhealthy because watermelon is awesome

8.) Favorite book(s)?

Harry Potter series is the best.  Divergent was pretty good but the love’s worn off a little bit.  I haven’t read recently… (people are going to kill me for not saying TFIOS but I haven’t read that yet *hands up surrender* I haven’t gotten the chance)

9.) What breed(s) of horse(s) do you ride/own at the moment?

Um.  Chuck-E (my camp horse) is probably some quarter horse mix -mutt-grade-horse sort of deal.  I’m not sure what Atlanta is.

10.) Secret talent?

I can finish an Anime in two days flat…?  That’s not very talented.  I need more animes to watch…  I can go on rants for days on end?  And it’s talented how much I want Toaru to come out with a new series.  LIKE I FRIGGEN NEED TO SEE EVERYTHING THAT GOES DOWN IN THE LIGHT NOVEL.  because the english translations of the light novels seriously suck.  And I need more Touma x Misaka moments because i seriously ship them so hard.  They need to friggen get together and I need to see the moment that Misaka realizes she friggen is in love with him… that will break my heart since she can’t move to stop him from going into battle and af;hlek;f;aldhk my heart.  And Touma’s harem needs to BACK THE FRIG off because none of them have ANY chemistry with Touma whatsoever (okay Itsuwa actually might have a little but idk)   But Misaka is really badass and cool (she’s my favorite character if you haven’t noticed)  OMG and they need to make another season of Railgun since of Misaka’s whole Level-6 attempt and then Touma comes save her  HAHAH and then we can watch Saten try to get them together by making Misaka dance with Touma hahah (Saten totally ships Touma and Misaka)  And Misaka saying how being in Academy city was good even though everyone in the city is “guinea pigs” because she got to meet everyone and that’s a treasure to her and then Touma teasing her by saying that she’s implying that meeting him was a treasure (IT FEELS LIKE HE KKNOWS HER CRUSH)  omg omg  Okay this is getting really bad 

I really feel like I should put a break but this is actually hilarious how I just totally went off on a tangent and ranted my heart out.  I think all my angsty feelings have been vented out.

Here are my questions:

1.  Favorite song at the moment?
2.  Can you whistle?
3.  What do you really feel like eating right now?
4.  What’s one barn chore you hate?
5.  Whats one thing most people don’t know about you?
6.  Favorite genre for books?  Why?
7.  What do you wear for riding?
8.  Whats one product you really want right now?
9.  Something you’re currently obsessed with.
10. Name a random fact about yourself.

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who wants to do a tag right now because I don’t know who to tag… ?

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You & Me - Disclosure (Flume Remix)

This is probably one of my favorite songs right now 

flyingwithhorses said : *music note* 

Talk! - The 1975 

haha i listened to this song too much and im kind of tired of it now lol

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